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The editorial team warmly welcome Mrs. Professor Lena Dominelli, and Mr. Professor Malcolm Payne, two prominent internationally social work personalities who have kindly accepted to be part of our journal’s International Advisory Board starting with issue no. 1/2010.
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Current number: 4/2020

Nicoleta Neamţu, Anca Dana Dragomir
Editorial Asistența socială în domeniul sănătății

Dedicați îmbunătățirii calității vieții și bunăstării umane, asistenții sociali utilizează abordări ecologice, clinice și biopsihosoc......[Abstract]
Nicoleta Neamţu, Anca Dana Dragomir
Editorial: Social Work in Health Care

Dedicated to improving quality of life and human well-being, social workers use ecological, clinical, and biopsychosocial approaches to work at multip......[Abstract]
Mădălina Hideg
The Coronavirus Pandemic: A Post-Normal Crisis that Generates Possible Scenarios for Structural Changes of the Society: the Romania Case

COVID-19 is the newest enemy of our times, a silent, cunny, invisible but very powerful one. Within only a few months, the entire world has been chang......[Abstract]
Cristina Todiraşcu
Abandonul copilului nou-născut în unităţi sanitare din România [The Abandonment of Newborn Babies in Hospitals from Romania]

Although child abandonment in hospitals is regulated by several laws, we still hear in the Romanian media about the cases of newborn children who rema......[Abstract]
Gheorghiţa Nistor, Maria Diana Secară
The Health and Psycho-Social Development of Children with Parents Working Abroad. Case Study: Delegation of Parental Authority for Children from Rural Areas

Migration, as a social phenomenon, is increasingly present in the sphere of Romanian social reality. The delegation of parental authority, the procedu......[Abstract]
Andreea Bîrneanu
Self and Caregiver Assessment of Internalizing and Externalizing Problems of Romanian Children Placed in Foster Care

Objective: To assess the emotional, psychological and behavioural problems of children/teenagers placed in foster care. Methods: 92 foster children/te......[Abstract]
Mihai-Bogdan Iovu, Ioana Mihaela Morar
Suicide in Romanian Prisons: A 6-Year Retrospective Study

People in prison have long been recognized as a vulnerable group with a higher risk of suicide compared to general population. Previous studies alread......[Abstract]
Cosmin Gheţău , Paul Teodor Hărăguş
Young Gamers: Their Motivation Behind the Play, Involvement and Time Spent In-Video Games

This article examines the relevance of the time variable in identifying pathological users and the relation between motivation for playing video games......[Abstract]
Alina Breaz
Social Work Counseling – a Method to Reduce the Anxiety Level and to Improve Mental Health of the Elderly Placed in Residential Care

Abstract. Anxiety and depression are two of the indicators of the mental health condition of the elderly. The persistence of anxiety and the increase ......[Abstract]
Cosmin Goian, Magdalena Cristina Kiraly , Sînziana Preda
Faţete ale asistenţei sociale în Shanghai, China [Facets of Social Work in Shanghai, China]

This paper proposes an examination of how the field of social work is perceived in the city of Shanghai, through ordinary citizens: these findings wer......[Abstract]
Florina Paşcu
Relaţia dintre coaching, supervizare şi reducerea stresului în munca asistenţilor sociali [The Relationship between Coaching, Supervision and Stress Reduction in the Activity of Social Workers]

The pandemic has recently raised many questions about how we manage stress and adapt to radical and unexpected changes. It is understandable that cert......[Abstract]
Oana Lăcrămioara Bădărău
Organizaţia ca sistem client al asistenţei sociale în macro practica managerială şi administrativă. Studii de caz [Organization as Social Work Client in Managerial and Administrative Macro Practice. Case Studies]

Autori: Nicoleta Neamţu, Ştefan Lucian Cocă, Daniela Copos, Camelia Uţă, Ramona Pura, Sorana Crişan, Sanda Iakab (Balog), Antoanella Băl......[Abstract]
Eugen Glăvan
Politici sociale în România după 30 de ani: aşteptări şi răspunsuri [Social Policies in Romania after 30 years. Expectations and Answers]

Autori: Elena Zamfir, Mălina Voicu, Simona Maria Stănescu (Eds.). Bucharest: Romanian Academy Publishing House, 2020 We live in times when......[Abstract]