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The editorial team warmly welcome Mrs. Professor Lena Dominelli, and Mr. Professor Malcolm Payne, two prominent internationally social work personalities who have kindly accepted to be part of our journal’s International Advisory Board starting with issue no. 1/2010.
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Current number: 2/2019

Georgiana-Cristina Rentea, Daniela Gaba

For this edition of the Social Work Review we have invited social work academics and practitioners to submit articles focusing on innovative approache......[Abstract]
Mădălina Hideg , Nicoleta Neamţu
Caracteristici ale inovaţiei în serviciile sociale, ca varietate a inovaţiei sociale [Characteristics of Innovation in Social Services, as Action of Social Innovation]

It is widely acknowledged that social services can’t fulfill their mission to empower people and to promote both social inclusion and development wi......[Abstract]
Elizabeth Lightfoot , Sharyn DeZelar
Social Work with Parents with Disabilities: Historical Interactions and Contemporary Innovations

This article provides an overview of the complicated history of social work practice with parents with disabilities, and then presents contemporary so......[Abstract]
Alina Simona Hoară
Sistemului de Asistenţă Socială în era informaţională. Un ”upgrade” al serviciilor sociale destinate vârstnicilor la noile tehnologii [The Social Work System in the informational era. An "Upgrade" of Social Services for Elderly People to New Technologies]

The social assistance system plays an important role in country development, through programs, services and benefits offered to all those who need hel......[Abstract]
Aurel Bahnaru, Remus Runcan
Social Work and Family: Treating Infidelity

Alcoholism, drugs, lack of love, infidelity, poverty, and violence are among the most important reasons for divorce all over the world. Hence, the res......[Abstract]
Andreea Bîrneanu
Experience of Parenting in Non Kinship Placements

This study aims to contribute to the literature on foster care and service provision, to gain understanding ofparenting skills in interactions with th......[Abstract]
Remus Runcan , Oxana Drușcă
Social Work and Family Relationships: Impact of Paternal Education on Teenage Girls

The theoretical framework of this paper focused on the concepts of paternal education, self-esteem, relationship. These notions have been examined fro......[Abstract]
Monica Luminiţa Alexandru
Motivaţia renunţării la consum şi rolul tratamentului substitutiv în atingerea şi menţinerea abstinenţei foştilor consumatori de heroină [Motivation to Give up Consumption and the Role of Substitution Treatment in Achieving and Maintaining Abstinence of Former Heroin Users]

The scourge of drugs is one of the most complex phenomena, deepest and most tragic of the contemporary world. Romania was initially a transit country,......[Abstract]
Adin-Daniel Robe
Evidenţierea eficacităţii programului Alcoolici Anonimi în controlul dependenţei de alcool [Highlighting the Effectiveness of Alcoholic Anonymous in Controlling Alcohol Dependence]

This paper aims to present the effectiveness of the Alcoholic Anonymous program in controlling alcohol dependence. The observation method was used at ......[Abstract]
Petru Ştefăroi
Dimensiunea ideologico-doctrinală a asistenţei sociale. Teoria, metoda şi practica asistenţei sociale contemporane – între modelul etic-religios şi modelul neoumanist [he Ideological-doctrinal Dimension of Social Work. The Theory, Method and Practice of Contemporary Social Work – Between the Ethical-religious Model and the Neohumanistic Model]

This article presents the results of a theoretical research, largely based on the study of the specialized literature and the consultation of the webs......[Abstract]
George Marian Ichim
Condiţii de vulnerabilitate cu privire la dezvoltarea profesională. Maternitatea în mediul academic şi ştiinţific [Vulnerability Conditions on Professional Development. Maternity in the Academic and Scientific Environment]

Challenges in supporting maternity and a sustainable career tend to be difficult in male-dominated organizations and occupations. Many women leave the......[Abstract]
Iulia Jugănaru
Dincolo de senzaţional Imaginea asistenţilor sociali din România în mass-media: 2010-2016 [Beyond the Sensational The image of social workers in Romania in the media: 2010-2016]

Florin Lazăr, Valentina Marinescu, Silvia Branea, Dincolo de senzaţional – Imaginea asistenţilor sociali din România în mass-media: 2010-2016, ......[Abstract]
Alina Simona Hoară
Social Work: History, Recent Debates and High-Risk Groups

Doru Buzducea, 2018, Bucureşti: Tritonic, 173 p. Volumul “Social Work: History, Recent Debates and High-Risk Groups” elaborat de Doru Buzduc......[Abstract]